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Hi! I'm Sarah!

 I am the Momma creator of Boxy Momma! I'm blessed with my awesome husband, and our three rambunctious little boys. Through these almost  10 years of parenthood, I have learned..........


The baby comes and then what?

Things change.... like really, really change. 


I battled postpartum depression after each of my kids were born, struggled with perinatal depression when I was pregnant, and still continue to struggle with anxiety, depression, and pmdd! (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)


I was the first in my group of "friends" to have kids. I learned the hard way that lots of people don't stick around after the baby is born.


I am that struggling mom

That lost, and lonely mom just trying to survive motherhood without that tribe of my own.


Through all this, I've realized that is the LAST thing a mom needs! So I did something about it, and created the Boxy Momma Company!

We provide support for the moms of the world that deserve a pick me up, and a reminder of their awesomeness! I strive to make every box, a box filled with awesome, and useful products fit for mom life and guaranteed to make a mom smile! 

Remember moms, you are not alone in this crazy thing we call motherhood!